No Answer Is Good Enough

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Strange days these.

I’ve been meaning to write a blog lately but all my topics seem to be “evergreen,” which in real editors’ parlance mean the topics are not urgent enough, and they never get written at all. Maybe there’s something to this.

I think about people who have changed my life. And then I think how they have chosen to change their own lives. And then I feel fairly haunted.

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I wrote a dreadful poem once about Kate Spade’s designs. My wife actually made fun of me for a while. Very superficial and stupid. She’s done so much more than I ever will. In light of my self-centeredness, I never even thought to regret it until now.

What is this grip that takes hold? Does life really become so untenable? I guess it must for them (and who knows what anyone really thinks), but I can’t imagine. And there are times when I get sad myself. Saying, like what the hell’s the damn point? But to this degree, nah…

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Bad lesson for my daughter, first of all. Without hope where are any of us?

And, I’ve thought about it. In short, I’m too interested to see how it turns out here. No matter how hard it gets.

Bad days, they end. Given the chance.

It can always get better. Until this is the response. Then there’s no opportunity.

And to those who say Anthony Bourdain or Kate Spade, or anyone else who makes this final choice, to those who say they’re in a better place, I would answer: Please prove it.

No Answer Is Good Enough