Five Reasons I Won’t Give Up

I know, it’s a weird title for a blog with just three items. Maybe I’ll add a couple more later.

Ideas Surrendered Don’t Exist

Frankly I’ve realized the ideas don’t come to me as often as they used to. Once it was a constant stream, steady and fast. But now, while the volume rises occasionally, often the flow slows to a trickle. Sometimes it’s redirected elsewhere.

The point is I don’t have many good ideas anymore and this is the best one I have had in a long time. It’s got all the elements: It’s brash (pushing through many facets of the seemingly shrinking box that is my comfort zone) and creative (on many levels).

Problem is, when you shelve an idea or stop doing anything about it, it goes away. It’s not like you can bottle them. Think about the waste. Something must be done.

Casey Neistat

Strangely enough, I had a T magazine dated March 2014 that I kept holding onto (I’ve always been a bit of a pack rat in many ways but I couldn’t seem to get past this one. I’ve tossed it now, as periodicals have a beauty in their ephemeral nature, like flowers, that fades over time). Anyway I kept grabbing it and flipping it open and reading one of the pieces that I was sure was the reason I had held onto it. I read them one by one. Flipping through to find things that interested me until I could chuck it (I know this is outdated since it all exists online, but hey I love print as a medium). I kept thinking I was done, until I got to the last one, a “Wanderlust” feature about Casey Neistat, the filmmaker whom I have come to respect in ensuing research, though I had never heard of him before. This guy pushes it. You can tell he always has. But he’s a little inspiring depending on my mood.

It’s not just this guy. It’s a lot of people. But just now he comes to mind.

It’s the Most Important Thing

In our lives, our daughter is very important. My wife and I are working toward something great here (at least I hope we are, and feel we must be, because sometimes it can feel like a bit of slog), and our daughter is a very large part of the point. We want her to live a rich, full life, and this project is my way of contributing to that as best I can. So, we keep on going.

Five Reasons I Won’t Give Up

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